Third Graders Visit West Quoddy Head, Maine

We were ready. We boarded the train. We were off to West Quoddy Head, the furthest point east in the USA.

The weather was rainy and only 46 degrees, but we learned a lot. We heard the fog horn and saw the light house that was built in 1858.


Watch the slide show that we watched
West Quoddy Head Light

After we got back we got out our scrapbooks and wrote about our trip.

maine-zeke.jpg maine-sarah.jpg

We also had a treat of Maine Wild Blueberry Muffins. Yummy!


Stay in touch because tomorrow we head west to New Hampshire to the White Mountains!


2 Responses to “Third Graders Visit West Quoddy Head, Maine”

  1. Wendy Greve Says:

    Well THAT was an interesting trip. I did not know that President Jefferson ordered it built back in 1808. I wonder why? If anyone knows, come tell me about it.

    The blueberry muffins looked yummy!

    Love, Mrs. Greve

  2. principalcohrs Says:

    I have a lighthouse collection – I enjoyed your picture of the lighthouse. Safe travels.
    Mr. Cohrs

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