Our Savior Lutheran Third Graders Travel to Plymouth, MA

For a short time today, we were Pilgrims on the Mayflower. We saw what it was like to to travel for many weeks in the hold of a ship that was not meant for travelers.

We learned about the hardships that the Pilgrims experienced as they were tossed about on the Mayflower and what they put up with all of this so that they could worship God the way that they wanted.

We learned that the Pilgrims were headed for Virginia, but because of storms their boat was thrown off course and landed on Plymouth Rock in what is now Massachusetts.

plymouth-girls.jpg plymouth-alexa.jpg

We wrote about our trip to Plymouth and added our page to our scrapbooks.


Then we started to color Pilgrims to put on our timeline in the back of our room.


One Response to “Our Savior Lutheran Third Graders Travel to Plymouth, MA”

  1. principalcohrs Says:

    When I was in Third Grade, my family took a trip to Massachusetts and I saw the Mayflower II – it was very exciting. I am glad you stopped in Plymouth.

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