Yummy, Hershey Chocolate Factory

hersheymrs.jpgToday the third graders traveled by train to Hershey, PA.

We watched them make chocolate kisses and candy bars. We learned that the cacao beans used in the kisses came from South America, the sugar came from the Southeastern part of the USA and the milk for the chocolate came right from Pennsylvania.

When we were finished touring the factory, we pretended it was 1902 and that we worked in the factory wrapping chocolate kisses. We formed an assembly line and started to work. In three minutes we wrapped about 40 kisses.

If we kept up this progress we figured we could wrap about 23,000 kisses in a day. We then learned that because of mass production, Hershey makes 70,000,000 kisses in one day. A big difference!

After all that work we each got to eat an Hershey candy bar. Yummy!


hersheykirsten.jpg hersheygracia.jpg


2 Responses to “Yummy, Hershey Chocolate Factory”

  1. Linda Shepard Says:

    We went to Hersey also in September. Zac took a tour of how chocolate kisses were made with his godmother. We also went into the store and bought tons of chocolate while we were there. It is delicious.

    I am glad that you went to visit Hersey. Zac’s godmother is only 10 minutes away from there, so we hope to visit again.

  2. Mrs. Thorp’s Third Grade Blog » Blog Archive » Using Food to Teach Social Studies Says:

    […] Northeast Region: Wild Blueberry muffins from Maine, Hershey Chocolate from Hershey,PA […]

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