Our Savior Lutheran Third Graders Visit Washington D.C.

We were wearing our VIP  Passes and we were ready to go.  Off to Washington D.C.!

We visited the Supreme Court Building, the White House and the Capitol Building.  We learned about the three branches of government and what each branch does for our country.

capitol-jpg.jpg   white-house-jpg.jpg  supreme-ct-jpg.jpg

We saw the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial.

We toured the Air and Space Museum and saw Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis and  the lunar module that landed on the moon.

2066740285_302f045e5d.jpg   2067537942_6d4dc891b1.jpg

Today we practiced our map reading skills by looking at a map of Washington D.C. and finding on the map the places we had visited yesterday.



One Response to “Our Savior Lutheran Third Graders Visit Washington D.C.”

  1. Linda Shepard Says:

    We go to the Washington DC area every year to visit Zac’s uncle. Zac has climbed the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial, visited the Vietnam Memorial, Korean Memorial, and also the World War II Memorial that was dedicated shortly before our visit. (Three years ago.) It is so exciting to see all this historic sites and I am glad that the third graders are able to visit this.

    Thanks for sharing your trips with us.

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