Our Savior Third Graders Finish their Train Tour of the Northeast Region

Well, our last stop on our train tour was New York City.  Wow, were there ever a lot of people there!  We were amazed at all the skyscrapers, especially the Empire State Building.

We tried to climb to the top, all 102 floors.  We went for 5 minutes and got to the 24th floor.  We were tired and took the elevator the rest of the way.

Once on top of the Empire State Building we looked out at the view.  We were  surprised to find out that we could see Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut from the the top.


We should be back home to Michigan for Christmas.  However, in January we will be headed south to the Southeast Region.  We will keep you posted!


One Response to “Our Savior Third Graders Finish their Train Tour of the Northeast Region”

  1. Linda Shepard Says:

    New York City was so exciting! I was there the first weekend in November. The city never goes to sleep. There is always something going on. I am glad that you went to the Empire State Building. It is a beautiful site. I hope that you went to see the Statute of Liberty. That is also an awesome site. I actually climbed up into the base of the Statute of Liberty. The view of New York City is absolutely beautiful from the Statute. The subway system is not so beautiful, but an experience that everyone needs to experience once.

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