OSL Third Graders Travel by Van to Wyoming and Colorado

Yesterday our van stopped at Yellowstone National Park. We learned that fur trappers were the first ones to see the geyser, Old Faithful. When they told people back home that they saw hot water spray into the air, no one believed them!

Now people go to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful and the Rocky Mountains that surround the park.


Today we drove southeast to Leadville, Colorado. Leadville is in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Miners came to Leadville looking for gold but found silver.

We listened to a song about a miner who left the good life back east to live the rough life of a miner in Leadville, Colorado.


Now Leadville is no longer a producer of silver.

People come to Leadville today to fish and hike and ski and some even like to learn the history of the siver miners!



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