Our Savior Lutheran Third Graders Finish the Year with a Trip to Hawaii

Today we made our last stop on our tour of the Regions of the U.S.A.  We flew to Hawaii and visited four of the Hawaiian Islands.

Before we left we learned how to sing Praise God from whom All  Blessings
in Hawaiian.

When we arrived in Hawaii, we sat down and planned a four-day itinerary.  We planned a trip to the islands of Hawaii, Oahu, Maui and Kauai.  We had to decide on four excursions for each island, but we had to budget our money because we only had $400 to spend for the four days.  Most of us were very frugal as we spent less than that on everything.

After visiting some interesting places like volcanoes and the Polynesian Culture Center, we went to the beach and watched people surf.

Some of us went to a park to see a wolphin (cross between the dolphin and whale) and other sea creatures.

We enjoyed tasting fresh pineapple and coconut.

We danced to some Hawaiian music and played in the sand.

When we got done we stopped by a palm tree to get our pictures taken.

Finally, we added our last pages to our scrapbook.


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