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It’s North to Alaska for Our Savior Lutheran Third Graders

March 21, 2008

We finished our trip of the West Region by flying to Anchorage, Alaska. We saw where the Iditarod Race begins.


Then we heard from Flat Zac who had just come back from visiting his aunt and uncle in Alaska. We really liked it when Flat Zac told us he saw a moose.



Then Mrs. Thorp told us about the trip that she and Mr. Thorp took to Alaska. We saw pictures of glaciers and a temperate rain forest in Alaska.




Our Savior Lutheran Third Graders Visit the Columbia River

March 13, 2008

Today we traveled to the Columbia River, which is the border between Oregon and Washington.  We learned about the importance that the river has for these two states.

The Columbia River is important because it is used for transporting goods and fishing.  Dams are built so that power plants can be made and the water can be used for irrigation.